About Me and Books

This is Part 3 of the treesofreverie Questionnaire!

Books can be possessive, can’t they? You’re walking around in a bookstore and a certain one will jump out at you, like it had moved there on its own, just to get your attention. Sometimes what’s inside will change your life, but sometimes you don’t even have to read it. Sometimes it’s a comfort just to have a book around.

-The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen


14. What defines a great book for you?

  • What a tough question! A great book combines the great elements of storytelling masterfully. The plot is intriguing and does not take too liberal an interpretation of the ‘suspend belief’ addage of fiction, the characters are captivating and memorable, and the entirety of the story makes an impact whether it taught something, made me laugh, made me cry, or made me think.

15. What draws you to pick up a book you’ve never seen or heard of before?

  • If I have never heard of it or the author before then probably the cover. The cover usually draws me to the book or an intriguing title. Most of the time, if I read a book title and it makes me say ‘what does that mean?’ I’ll grab it and flip it to the back to read the synopsis.
  • My nook’s suggestions are usually on point as well.

16. Do you judge a book by its cover?

  • Covers draw me to a book, but if a book has a terrible cover and a wonderful synopsis I will still pick it up. But if the book has a great cover then I will most likely read the back and read a few pages. It draws me in.

17. Once you’ve finished reading a book do you like to keep it or give it away?

  • I love to keep books I finish reading if I loved them. I also like to lend books I enjoy. But, most definitely keep. Sometimes, I think about just keeping a library book until I pay for it in fines…it works like that, right? Don’t revoke my library card!

18. Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcover?

  • I’ll admit it, hardcovers are beautiful. Reading a hardcover book is not beautiful. It’s heavy, clunky, and hurts when I fall asleep with it and end up dropping it on my face.
  • Paperbacks are smaller, more portable, easier to open, and soft. I love paperbacks. If I had the money I would buy hardbacks to sit on my shelf and read paperbacks until they fall apart.

19. How many books do you own? How many of these books have you read?

  • I have no idea how many books I own, but the number exceeds 100. I have read close to as many as I own. I only buy a couple books at a time and read through them before I buy more. Thems the rules!

20. Do you like to borrow or lend out books to others?

  • Know that if I have ever loaned you a book you are most definitely loved. I love sharing books with others especially if I loved the book. If I didn’t enjoy a book I usually say something along the lines of ‘you’re welcome to it, but I didn’t enjoy it.’ But I do lend.

21. Do you like to recommend books? Which books do you recommend most often?

  • I only like to recommend books to people I know well. I have to know what the person likes to read and who they are to recommend a book. It’s a lot like matchmaking. I like to only have successful matches on my record. So, I have to know a little about you before I recommend a book.
  • Like I said, my recommendations are individual to the person.

22. Where do you buy your books?

  • Almost exclusively Barnes and Noble


So tell me, fellow book lovers, Hardback or Paperback? Do you lend books? Why?


5 thoughts on “About Me and Books

  1. I enjoyed this post. I particularly liked your comment about lending books, as it’s something I’m always on the fence about. My bookshelf is like a small country that I’m the dictator of–very few are allowed to leave…lol. Or, my books are like small sheltered children being sent off to live with a total stranger. I just can’t do it.

    I usually never get books back in a timely manner and never in the original condition I sent them away in. So I might come across as a selfish twit, but when I get my book back with a cover that’s separating from the rest of the binding, or if it has a crease down the cover; you’re on my “no borrow” list permanently.

    I might lend out the small mass market paperbacks because those are generally cheap and disposable and were bought with that mindset. But I won’t lend out my trade paperbacks or hardcovers—thems by babies. 😛

    This kid sums up exactly how I feel to the letter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5l_vb-RUbU

    How do you do it?

    Oh, and I’m a devoted B&N shopper too, I love my Nook!

    • Well I havent had a bad lending experience yet. Most of the friends I lend to are b ookworms as well so they know how to treat a book.

      I think if I had the same experiences you have had I would be weary about lending books as well!

  2. I definitely prefer paperbacks for the reason that they are much easier (and lighter) to carry around with you. I am also something of a neat-freak when it comes to my books. I once lent a favourite book of mine to my sister (who was a smoker at the time), she kept the book for at least six months and then returned it with yellow-tinged pages and smelling of nicotine. The fact that my sister still lives and breathes to this day is a testament to my forgiving nature….. 😆

    • It’s really just because I have a nook and I make a majority of purchases through that. I also like that they have a store nearby that I can peruse new books in person. We don’t have any other bookstores in town. B&N is just what I’m used to.

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