An Unexpected Book Haul!

I am moving! That’s right! I am in the midst of moving from one dwelling to another.

As I move boxes and furniture out of my apartment I have found a box of books that does not belong to me nor my house-mates. These books have been deemed fair game so I have rifled through them to figure out which I want. The results are surprising to say the least. Watch my latest video below!


One thought on “An Unexpected Book Haul!

  1. Hi Lauren, I am thrilled that you found the Kathy Reichs thrillers! (Pun intended!) To answer your question about the order of the books – yes, even though they aren’t a series except for the characters, you should read them in order. In each book, the characters become more developed. Their back stories are fleshed out. You can find the order by going onto Kathy’s web site. I’ve read all of her books and loved each one. Each takes place in a great location. The books have a different flavor than the TV program! Enjoy the books my fellow book lover! xoxoxo

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