2.5 Children

2.5 Children by Lauren Peacock

A crayon wax caked little pink hand curled round the thick, oversized crayola. She drew different things, all nearly miniature sized so one had to squint and tilt their head just a tad to understand what it was on the page. All were made out of little sticks and sharp edges as she jammed the crayon hard along the pad of paper snapping and smudging the pretty pointed tips. The last was the hardest to draw. His features were so different than everyone else’s. Jagged lines made teeth, squiggled and crazy lines for hair, and of course the splash of red that he always adorned. What was on her page just didn’t do justice. Making his legs a little longer put him at the right height between her brother and her. A sound bubble, she added, ‘ssscrrrcchhh’ the sound he made every night.

“Class, let’s present our drawings!” Mrs. Applebaker’s teeth had red stuff on them that looked like her lips were melting. “Loretta how about you show us yours?” She smiled enthusiastically.


Loretta rubbed the wax and paper shavings from her crayons off on the skirt of her flowery dress as she stood from her desk. The picture she picked up she pressed to the front of her chest so no one could see as she walked from the middle row up to the front. Smiling up at Mrs. Applebaker she held her picture up to her and then turned around to show the rest of the class.


“This is the people that live in my house.” She announced proudly, since having lost her front tooth a few days ago it was a little difficult to pronouns all the ‘s’s but she managed with a unfaltering smile.


“You only have one brother!” A girl called from the back. At the thought of a flaw being pointed out in her sunny shiny picture she flipped her head over, piggy tails falling in her face, and stared for a moment before flipping them back over and looking out at the class.


“Yes,” she agreed, “I have one brother named Marcus. He has red hair like Daddy.” She pointed to the slightly taller ‘Daddy’ and then her brother beside her. “This is the mbumbling monster. He lives in my closet.” She announced as if she were describing the exact color she used for her mother’s dress. “Sometimes I get scared it’s going to eat me, but Daddy says it’s okay because he feeds it steaks every Fursday- I mean, Thursday. ” With a smile back at the now wide eyed and pale Mrs. Applebaker she recalled how the teacher had helped her pronounce the days of the week. “Sometimes it’s so loud I can’t sleep, but Daddy protects me. Now my closet has carpet on the inside so you can’t hear it so much.” She nodded.


“That’s my family. Oh and my mom and dog too.” The class was silent; a colored pencil rolled off a desk and pattered on the rugged floor. “O-okay thanks Lor-“ The teacher began.


“Does it have fur?”


“Does it swallow the meat whole?”


“What does it sound like?”


The class erupted into questions.


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