Reading Slump, Hump, Speed Bump



Do you know what’s terrible, but does not quite make any sort of sense?


Reading slumps. Reading Humps. Reading Speed Bumps.


I sit down to read a book that I’ve been building anticipation for, for months and absolutely trudge through fifty pages. Reading Speed Bump.




I sit down to read a book, crack open the beautiful front cover, and become distracted by my need for water, food, I need another pillow, it’s cold so I need a blanket, these pants aren’t comfortable, I should read in that chair, I should read in bed, I want to read outside, no it’s too bright/windy out here, I am hungry now, I can’t read and eat, and now it’s too late because I have an appointment in twenty minutes and I don’t want to get invested in this book and then have to put it down. Reading Hump.




The anticipation for this book has grown to such an unbelievable height that I’m afraid that I will not love the story as much as I thought I would as soon as I begin reading. I’ll leave this book right here and come back to it later…or weeks later. Or Months.


Lauren looks at her new book, old book, library book. “I should begin reading!” Proceeds to binge watch Law and Order on Hulu. Reading Slump.



Whatever variation of reading trouble you find yourself in, it’s aggravating. The love for reading hasn’t diminished, but the ability to sprint through each book has. I know it will come back. Predicting when, where, or how it will come back is what proves to be difficult.


I do have a few safety nets in place to get me through some reading slumps and all that jazz.


As a rule, I read fifty pages a day. It has to be fifty pages of one book so that I get some sort of progress done. If I get on a roll and I’m really loving it I’ll push passed the fifty page mark and set my alarm for thirty minutes. I don’t want to get passed all the action and then fall into a slump for the next time I look at the book.


I pick up two books, sometimes. Reading two books at a time can be helpful when you find yourself ‘not in the mood’ for a certain book. One book I’ll read during daylight hours- this book is usually heavier in style or subject matter, the other book I’ll read at night- this book is usually just for fun. This proves to give me options and I usually look forward to one or the other or both!


Turn off distractions. This is mainly the computer and television. I’ll play music in the background so that I’m not freaked out by silence.



Sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t push through the tar-pit that has become my reading habits. It becomes a waiting game. Somehow, the spark will ignite and I’ll tear through a novel with ease. I won’t know what happened or how I got out of it, but I find it best not to question the good things in life.


I write this post because I’m going through a bit of a slump.


No review yesterday because I am nowhere near finished with the book I was going to review D:


And I have two books on loan from the Library that I absolutely LOVE but I can’t get further than fifty pages at a time.


This is quite possibly the saddest predicament for a bookworm only second to when an author announces a large gap or hiatus between books in a trilogy or series. Am I right?!


Anyone else experience the reading slump, the hump, or the reading speed bump? How do you beat it? Or should we just throw our arms around each other and weep? I’ll bring a blanket and tea.


Hope you are having a great day! It’s incredibly sunny out now and the reading I have been able to do has been outside. Problem is, I find myself falling asleep out there. Yeah, that’s another reading speed bump- you’re reading along and twenty minutes later you unglue your face from page 100 and realize you dreamed the last fifty pages of reading. True story.


Enjoy the weather whatever it may be.


Also, since I didn’t post anything Monday I’ll be hitting the blog somewhere between here and Friday to give you an original. Might be an excerpt from what I’m workin on in Nano! Might not, so don’t get too excited.




5 thoughts on “Reading Slump, Hump, Speed Bump

  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

    • Well thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it! Most of what I learn myself is just through bull-headed trial and error. There are more errors than trials, but that’s how you turn up with gold nuggets of advice! Thank you for the kind words!

  2. I’m liking these names for those situations, and I totally can relate to them 😀 I’m trying to get into the habit as well of reading everyday for set number of pages, and getting rid of distractions. At the moment, I’m reading a book that is totally capturing my interest, so it’s not so hard 😀

  3. I tend to try to read at least sixty pages of a book a day. Sometimes I read less, sometimes more, and sometimes no pages at all. I tend to read at night when my working day is done, it’s only then that I have the opportunity to sit down and relax enough to be able to read.

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