Book Review: Abandon by Meg Cabot

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fiction

Rating: 3.5/5

I would like to start off by saying that I enjoyed Abandon by Meg Cabot.

After reading the reviews on Goodreads I have come to the conclusion that if you have only read The Princess Diaries series by Cabot then you will not like Abandon. For whatever reason girls are very perturbed by the main character of the novel which I have to say was the saving grace of the story for me!

First, let me tell you what Abandon is about:

Pierce Oliviera died once. She died and met a man that will haunt her the rest of her living days. That’s right, she came back to life. Moved to a new town, intent on recovering some assemblage of a normal life, Pierce finds that death has forever changed her. She desires to protect her loved ones, but it seems to be she who needs the protecting and only the man who she despises may be able to do just that.

If that wasn’t vague enough of a synopsis for you let me help make it a little more clear:

Abandon is a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth only with a bit of modern flair.

Somehow, I keep unknowingly falling upon these revamped myth stories. So far, I love them. This one was particularly fun and interesting.

One of the reasons I enjoyed this book was the narrator. The person telling the story is Pierce herself. Pierce is a 17 year old who is a relatively normal teenager. I found her very refreshing from all of these ‘chosen one’ teens that have grown so popular in Young Adult Literature. She wants a normal life where her biggest problem would be an exam or an argument she had with her best friend.

Not only is Pierce normal, but she’s sassy. Her descriptions of other characters and her witty remarks had me unexpectedly laughing during serious moments. Some reviewers argue that Pierce is stupid and falls in love instantly in the novel. I would argue that she actually would agree with the reviewers that she is stupid. She actually mentions that she’s failing school. So, why are you surprised that she doesn’t put together ‘obvious’ (to these reviewers anyway) plot points? Also, in the vein of being a normal teenager she falls in love quite quickly and deeply. Don’t you remember being a teenager? Despite how rational and mature I was for my age as a teenager I still fell hard and fast for a boy with a good head of hair and a little mystery about him.

I also liked the revamp of mythology Meg Cabot used in this novel. She took Hades and Persephone and gave them real back stories that make sense with today’s culture. The setting of the book is in Isla Huesos, an island with quite a few secrets of its own. I don’t want to give too much away, but I thought her connections between mythology and a modern setting were well done.

This novel reads like a mystery as well. As Pierce flashes to the past you are trying to fit all her random pieces of her life together to form one big, cohesive picture. Figuring out the new town along with the main character while learning about her past kept me guessing about what her past had to do with the present or what could happen next. It was high on suspense and Pierce even feels the anxiousness adding to the emotion to the narrative even more.

I can only pick at a few things I did not enjoy with this book.

I found myself getting a little confused between ‘the accident’ and ‘the incident’. Pierce talks about the time she died- the accident and leads into ‘the incident’- something altogether different, very quickly. I had to remind myself each time the difference between the two. Also, the flash backs in this novel were very confusing. There is no fanfare alerting you to the fact that you are now in a scene that is not happening at the present. It isn’t until you’re about three paragraphs in that you realize you’ve hit a flashback and it can be quite disorienting leading you to have to go back and re-read.

I also found Pierce’s repetitive nature to be a little annoying. She has a few key phrases that she repeats until the point that I skipped over the words as soon as I registered them. Just be prepared you will hate the phrase, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” by the end of this story.

These problems were more pet peeves than I would say they were problems. They may bother you like they bothered me so that’s why I mentioned them.

This book was a little younger, meaning probably a good read for late Middle School/Early High School, than I normally read. I was tempted not to review it on this blog for that reason.  Even as an adult I enjoyed the book so I thought, why not? Sometimes we need little fluffy reads to enjoy from time to time. I would say this book would make a great beach read or vacation book.

The book was a super fast read and very light. It was FUN to read and I can’t wait to read the next in the trilogy. Unfortunately, I’ve decided to let fate choose the next book for me so I have book titles in a jar I will pick from!

I gave this book 3.5/5! I’m still trying to figure out my rating style when it comes to these reviews. I figure a number rating system may help you all decide if you’re even interested in reading about the book. I’ll also tell you the story genre before I go into the review.

Is that helpful? Would you prefer to know something else in the top of the post before the review? Let me know in the comments!

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