January Obsessions

Here we are at the start of February and I realize that a lot of new things have come into my life.

With Christmas presents, the start of a new year, and my birthday I have accumulated quite a bit.

On this Selfie Saturday, I thought I would talk about a few new things I love as well as some obsessions. I’m going to put this out there right now- a lot of it is t.v.

If you want to check out any of my obsessions just click on the title of each point. I will attach a link to each.

So let’s get into it!

1. Nook HD
I love my Nook HD. Before the HD I had the Nook Color and I had had that for about four/five years. As with all technology, anything over two years old is ancient. My Nook HD is shiny, fast, has a beautiful high res screen, and is already filled with books I can’t wait to dive into. The new layout and features- note taking, scrap booking, google chrome, and personalization are fantastic! People ask me all the time if I prefer Nook over Kindle and I just have to say that I’ve never played around with the Kindle. I received the Nook as a gift and I enjoy that I can go to a Barnes and Noble store and that’s really the only reason why I have this and not the Kindle. Anyway, I love it. (I’ll write in another blog post about my love affair with Ebooks.)

2. Rifle Paper Co. Journals
I started journaling this year and I knew I wanted to write in something pretty. I picked up a pack of three small notebooks for seven dollars from target and couldn’t be happier. These notebooks have a vintage feel, beautiful floral pattern, and a hand stitched binding! The best part is I didn’t even know I was supporting fellow Liberty University grads! The company was started by LU grads and I attribute my attraction to these books to this bond of education.

3. The Following
It’s back people! IT IS BACK! I absolutely love this show and am so glad it is back after such a long break! The Following is a FOX show that airs every winter. The long break between seasons has brought me extreme anxiety and long nights of contemplating storyline theories. This show is about a serial killer obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe. He kills in accordance to the novels and a novel he wrote in the same style as Poe. Ryan Hardy, played by the immortal Kevin Bacon, is the investigator and obsession of the killer. This killer has a huge group of followers that kills for him as well as creates these strange and deadly riddles for Hardy that leave you on the edge of your seat. This show always has me yelling by the end of it. I’m either screaming ‘noooo’ or ‘I can’t believe it!’ It’s not for the faint of heart because, man, this is a nail biter!

4. Vikings
I never thought I would actually enjoy, yet alone follow, a History channel show. Vikings drew me in from the first line of the eerie and epic title song! The story follows a viking (I am not even going to attempt to spell his name) who believes there is land to the west. When he ultimately discovers the riches of England and brings back a Christian slave his thirst for power grows. This show is wonderful with historic details, but it is also beautiful. The detail and accuracy brought to the show makes watching an immersive experience. As a result I have become interested and afraid of Vikings. Go figure. Every episode of the first season is up on HULU and the next season begins in February!

5. Jonathan Adler Multi-Flowers Pen and Pencil Set
I absolutely adore this set. I actually picked it out for myself for Christmas. I told my mom I wanted a really nice writing set so she let me pick it in Barnes and Noble. I love the pen in this set because I have a tendency to push super hard when I write, but the way this pen glides over the page prevents me from making ugly globs of ink on the paper. Both pencil and pen are a bit heavy, but once again that works in my favor because I push down SO hard. The weight, I think, has led to me not pushing as hard and letting the ink glide. My handwriting looks much neater in comparison AND these are super cute.

6. Balmorhea
A good friend of mine introduced me to this band via Instagram. She suggested I check them out so I looked them up on Spotify. The moment I pressed play on the first song in the list I was blown away. Balmorhea plays instrumental pieces that sound much like an unfinished Muse or Sleeping At Last song. There are no words and that makes it perfect for me to write to. While writing, I can’t listen to songs with words or I’m suddenly writing the lyrics on the page or singing instead of concentrating. This music has become my writing, showering, cleaning the house, and reading soundtrack. I highly recommend them. Check out the song Artifact, it’s my favorite.

That’s it for this month’s obsessions. I’m sure I’ll have more next month!

I always love checking out new t.v. shows (old or new) and music so feel free to recommend something for me to check out!

As always: like, follow, and share! Happy Saturday!


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