My Favorite Book of 2013: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

My favorite book (or books as it were) of 2013 has to be the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. In a book store swamped with the bloated, vapid, and vocabulary lacking genre of the paranormal, Deborah Harkness emerges as our Literary Champion! Her story has several dimensions of depth. A Discovery of Witches is the first of the trilogy and it truly immerses the reader in a world that closely resembles our own. In fact, it even shares our very real history! Harkness classed-up vampire romance after years of pouty, anxiety, teenager-like acting century year old vampires.

My summary of A Discovery of Witches: All of her life Diana has been keeping her true self a secret. She’s hidden her powers and lineage of witchery from the world around her in favor of the history of Alchemy. While studying in the Bodleian Library she finds a manuscript that sends her entire facade crashing down around her. Suddenly, the world of vampires, demons, and a family of witches that she’s tried to keep at arm’s length has descended upon her. Will she accept the assistance of a stranger and deadly foe? Will she even accept herself? And what’s so special about an Alchemical manuscript written ages before she was even born? Read to find out!

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I love this trilogy for several reasons. Let me count the ways!

  1. Harkness takes the widely overdone ‘girl meets obsessive vampire’ storyline and revives it with mature characters and a deeply entrenched plot line.
  2. Diana is a girl that has meat to her bones literally and figuratively. She’s a rower and a runner and she has the emotional depth of a thirty-some year old woman instead of a soap opera star.
  3. The multiple dimensions of the storyline provide readers with that journey that true readers long for.

If you have felt disenchanted with the fantasy genre as of late or the specific paranormal fantasy genre then let Harkness rehabilitate you. On the short list you can expect action! The characters have brains and brawn! The fights (you may have to read into book #2 Shadow of Night for them) will make you gasp as you read and cheer! There’s history as well.

Deborah Harkness is extremely active with her fanbase and her facebook. She is using her facebook to take her readers on a real-time reading of Book #2 Shadow of Night. In it, she provides pictures and links to the places and historical events she references in her novel.

Finally, there’s love in these books, true love. It’s not instant and it is certainly not doe-eyed. It’s living, breathing, inconvenient love.

Did I mention there is going to be a movie for A Discovery Witches? Oh, uh, yeah that too! Get reading!

The Third and Final Book in the series The Book of Life, will be released in July!

Buy the books here: Barnes and Noble

Check out the author’s facebook here: Deborah Harkness

Read the first two novels? Read an excerpt of the third here: The Book of Life


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