Birthday: The Day of My Birth Should Be a National Holiday

Hello! And Welcome to my first ever Selfie Saturday! Oh yeah, I feel a hashtag coming on. #SelfieSaturday. Yes, yes, I do know that everybody else uses Selfie Sunday, but Sunday is my day of rest so there won’t be a post on Sundays my friends. These posts will be personal, less formal posts that will give you an insight into my life. But, kicking off this Selfie Saturday series is:

My Birthday!

Today I turn 24! Thus, it is the last year that I get older on my birthday! I’ve decided that once I turn 25 I will be 25 until I turn 35, then I’ll just say I am 30. Just kidding, just kidding, I look forward to growing older and finally becoming the wise old sage that I was born as. If you’re not laughing with me at this point then you are taking me far too seriously!

Anyway, in my opinion a birthday is always something to celebrate. No matter what you do each year you have always accomplished at least one thing: you have survived another year! Whether you realize or not, your living has impacted the lives of others. A birthday is a day to remember that. Cards, calls, well wishes, and gifts from loved ones are all reminders that you are present and meaningful in the lives of others. Your existence has touched another person. You’re the domino that fell and pushed the rest over in some cases. Even if you’re the domino in the middle of a long line without you there would be a break in motion. You’re important and you’re loved.

That’s about as existential as I get. If I think too hard before I’ve had a substantial amount of caffeine then I just begin to ramble or perhaps I’m rambling now. Aw, well, onto the most important part of my day. On my birthday I enjoy treating myself to all the free coupons I get from subscription services! Today I will get a free coffee and a free pastry! Gotta love free things.

Traditions are important to me and my family. In traditions we remember past loved ones and fond memories of family. Birthday traditions are subtle, but so much fun for everyone. On my first birthday away from my family I have to amend those traditions. For instance, usually my mom would wake me up singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of her lungs with a big giant smile on her face. We would then spend the next few minutes in my bed remembering my childhood birthdays or my favorite birthdays (I’ll have to tell you all the story of the sad birthday I received a bike for my birthday). This year, I’m going to have to settle for a birthday call from my parents. My presents will also be sent in the mail. My mother would normally make my favorite meal for dinner- Gourmet Chicken. <-I have no idea why it is called this because it’s really not gourmet. It’s egg noodles, shredded chicken, cheese, and a bunch of gooey goodness. But man, there is nothing quite like it! This year my fiancee and I are going out for dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. These changes bring about a tad bit of sadness and certainly a good fair share of nostalgia in me because it all serves to remind me I’m not a child anymore. But that’s good, that’s what birthdays are for. I’m growing older, maturing.

With that being said, I still enjoy presents. And what are the best presents? Books, of course!

For Christmas I made out like a bandit. I received $75 in Barnes and Noble gift cards, Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, and the Nook HD. Make sure you follow me on Goodreads (scroll to the bottom for the linky) to keep up with all of the fantastic books I will be reading and reviewing!

For my birthday I anticipate a great deal more in book vouchers and literature. Who can have too many books? Not I. You see, the best gift someone could give is a book. A book truly is the gift that keeps on giving. When someone gives you a book that person is saying ‘here, take a trip on me’ or ‘I want you to have an experience’. Self help books or nonfiction books say, ‘I value your education and I want you to learn’ or ‘I thought you might think this interesting’. Of course, self help book gifts are always strange to me. It’s like buying someone band aids for their birthday. Do you anticipate my failure? I suppose it is the thought that counts?

Whenever I pick up a book that was gifted to me I am reminded of the person that gave it to me. I associate the wonderful story inside with that person. It makes for a more meaningful reading experience. I also have a guaranteed ear to spill all of my gushing and love for the book to. The first present my fiancee ever gave to me was a book. I like to say that, that was when I knew he was a special kind of man meant for me. Instead of jewelry or a gift that I would show off to others and proclaim him as the best ever, he gave me a book. More importantly, he gave me the C.S. Lewis Bible. It’s the Bible with C.S. Lewis’ writings, meditations, and excerpts spread out as a devotional. This gift is so special and so memorable to me because it told me that he knew me. He knows me so well. I’d been lusting after that book for months when I would go to the bookstore. I would touch it lovingly each time and I would think to myself, the first bit of spending money I get, I’ll buy that Bible. I was a poor college student back then. I had mentioned it once or twice to him, but never asked for it. Unwrapping it, seeing in his face the acknowledgement of how much I had wanted this Bible and how much I would love it was heart stopping. Now, every time I open it I am filled with that warm happiness.

As you can see, books are special to me in more ways than one and that’s why I’ll be celebrating with one. Curling up with Doctor Sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Nothing like scaring your pants off to celebrate the day of your birth! I’m also going to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug tonight!!!! NO, I have NOT seen it yet. But, I have read the book way back when. It holds a special place in my heart. I enjoyed the first movie and look forward to the second.

Tell me, I want to know, what do you do to celebrate your birthday? Traditions? Do you even enjoy birthdays? Do you believe in celebrating them? Any book you want for your birthday? Leave me a comment! Follow this blog for a Book Review on Monday! Thank you so much for your likes and follows. It really has been encouraging me to continue!

Good day to you, and now I think I will go help myself to some second breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Birthday: The Day of My Birth Should Be a National Holiday

  1. Happy (belated) birthday! You’re a woman who speaks to my own heart. My Kindle has not mere dozens of books on it… but hundreds. I am a book addict. It’s a happy addiction. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following; I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to exploring yours!

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