2014: The New Year Resolution

It’s the start of a new year and the beginning of so many new experiences, journeys, and fresh starts!

Perhaps you do not feel that way because it’s back to the grind, back to work, and back to that coworker who feels the need to fill you in on every last painstaking detail of his or her life. The first week after the holiday season is always filled with a certain amount of disenchantment. Let’s face it, our lives are boring! Ok, maybe boring is too harsh. You are probably way more exciting than I am. I bet you get up in the morning and actually change out of your pajamas! Look, you’re already more exciting than I am! The point is, our lives cannot be as exciting as we would like them to be every day of the year or we would likely suffer some sort of break-down. Trust me, it does not take much excitement for my heart to feel like it has grown arms and legs and is trying to break out of my rib cage with anxiety. One too many choices in the day that I have to make and I feel like I’m taking some sort of high stakes testing.

There is just so much room for spontaneity in our lives and yet we crave it. Well, I use ‘we’ but I’m really talking about a specific group of people. In fact, I should really narrow it down even further and say that I’m really only talking about a kind of selective breed of human. ‘We’ are the ones that live for the story. We experience life through a series of vignettes. We watch movies with our minds buzzing a million miles a minute and when we leave the theater the story branches out into different possible continuations! (And often with ourselves as the main character.) On occasion we become caught up enough to write ridiculous fanfictions that finally pair our favorite characters together. We don’t just read books. We invest in the lies of people that may never exist or had existed at one time but continually live on in our living rooms day after day as we take part in their story.

We are book lovers!
To us, the sheaf of paper between two covers is the key to immortality.
More importantly, it is the key to adventure, escape, to a world beyond our own.

I look toward the dawning of this new year and anticipate all of the stories ahead of me, all of the exciting adventures, and all of the lessons I will learn.

Embark with me! This trip is free! That’s right, FREE! There’s not a lot in this life that is. Reading is too rich a pleasure not to take advantage of.

So go on, read a book. Afterall, Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

(If you sang that last little bit or gave a soft little chuckle then I think you should subscribe to my blog. We’re definitely going to be friends.)


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